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Some of the things I made. Full list on GitHub.



huec – C program to control Philips Hue lights from the command line, supports presets.

shelltwitch – CLI tool to check which twitch streamers are online and what they're playing, supports notifications via cron.


behalter – bare-bones CRUD bookmark manager with tagging and search.

startpage – startpage for desktop browsers with favorite links, a search bar, music and other useful information.

mradio – webpage for listening to online radio streams on mobile (because the Android apps I tried were full of ads).

youtube.css – minimal grey css style for YouTube with overall less contrast, less buttons, less things trying to grab your attention.


onleihe-dl – uses selenium to download newspapers from German public library services and removes their DRM, thus making it possible to read them for longer than an hour. Also provided is a Nix Shell file that takes care of dependencies and ensures a reproducible runtime environment.

db abfahrten – displays upcoming departures at your local public transport stop, using data from Deutsche Bahn's mobile app.

rpi-scripts – collection of scripts running on my raspberry pi.

vplan(ARCHIVED) scrapes data from a substitution plan software widely used by schools in Germany and repackages it into an RSS feed and a static HTML page that supports custom user filters.

iserv-aufgaben-rss(ARCHIVED) scrapes exercises from a school's I-Serv (Germany's Google Classroom) instance and generates an RSS feed.

xpowerpredict(ARCHIVED) tries to predict points you lose/gain for a match in online multiplayer game Splatoon 2.

linux stuff

mailserver – setup guide for a mailserver, including a DNS guide and config files for Postfix, Dovecot and Rspamd. I ran my own mailserver for 14 months, but then my cloud provider had uptime issues and I stopped.

dotfiles – my arch linux dotfiles.

xdm-simple – minimal grey theme for XDM (X Display Manager).


mathecode – mostly C code that calculates something.

genbooklist – generates a simple html page from an amazon wishlist containing books.

sudoku-solver – a brute force sudoku solver.