An index of some of the things I've made/coded. All my repos

My startpage with links to my favorite websites, date and time, the weather forecast and an image that's nice to look at. The searchbar is multifunctional and accepts search queries, DuckDuckGo Bangs and URLs with and without the http[s]:// scheme. Also supports playing certain internet radio streams.
A set of config files (with secure defaults AFAIK) for a Mailserver running Postfix, Dovecot and Rspamd. Also contains a whole write-up of how to set it all up (including DNS, etc). I mainly wrote all this for myself to remember all the things involved, if I need/want to do it again. I ran a mailserver with this config for about 14 months, but then my VPS host had uptime issues and I was getting tired of writing support tickets...
A substitution plan scraper for a tool widely used by schools in Germany. The official way to use said tool was annoying and a popular (3rd party) app that popped up a little later was ehh. Thus I wrote my own tool. It's basically a bash script that does some heavy regex matching and edits an html file served by nginx, with some javascript logic like sorting by date, hiding old items and a filtering engine in front. I wanted it to be static so the load times are fast.
A program to control your Philips Hue lights. Configuration is done in a minimalistic way, using just header files. Does the basics (changing power-on state, brightness, hue, saturation), handles registration with the Hue Bridge API and supports getting info about a light from the API, as well as setting predefined profiles (aka scenes).
A CLI tool to check which streamers are online and what they're playing using the Twitch API. Sends desktop notifications when someone has gone live using notify-send and cron. Followed streamers are also pulled from the API. Keeping the OAuth tokens up-to-date is also taken care of.
A PWA-like webpage for listening to different online radio stations/streams. The UI is generated on-the-fly from a config file that contains info like the stream URL or thumbnails for each channel. It's called mradio (mobile radio) because it was originally intended for mobile phones (the available apps weren't to my liking).
A minimal, grey theme for XDM (X Display Manager) with a clock and buttons to reboot, shutdown, etc.